How to Hide Page on a Website

How to Hide Page on a Website

Let’s clarify “How to Hide Page on a Website,” which is one of the topics you are most curious about. If you are dealing with the automotive industry, you know the website. It will help if you read this article so that car dealers can profit and sell. Thanks to this site, you can both have a website and find customers easily.’s website is used to compete with other companies and increase sales, revenues, and customers. Generally, when selling over the internet, everyone wants their site and products to be in the first place. In general, solves this problem for you.

If you want to rank first in Google searches, you can use You can customize your website as you wish. . You can turn off some pages and features on Thanks to these features, your customers can easily reach their desired product.

Thanks to the features offered to customers, the shopping experience increases. You have a chance to rank higher in Google rankings. Incoming users like simple and fast websites more. You speed up the retrieval process thanks to the simple and short pages.

Below we will tell you how to hide pages on

What is How do we get efficiency, and how does it work? is the most basic digital marketing and automotive advertising tool in the automotive industry. They can design their websites as they wish. Thanks to this digital marketing tool, they can bring their websites to the forefront of the automotive industry.

The best part of this digital marketing tool is that you can make your banners. You can publish campaign strategies and stocks. You can design the page according to your wish and imagination.

If you are using the infrastructure, you are one step ahead of your other competitors. You will rank on the first pages of Google searches. The performance of the website you design will be high. You can use your personal or private social media accounts. With, you are always ahead.

integrated partner program
Source: is always with its customers. The best part is that it can track visitors to your page. In this way, it can advise you to increase the performance of your page.

You can analyze all the ads you broadcast at any time. And in this way, you can target new customers or new sales. Another feature is that you can integrate third-party programs. Below we have listed the third programs that you can incorporate.

  • LiveChat,
  • AutoLeadStar,
  • TrueCar,
  • CallSource,
  • 700Credits,
  • WebBuy

You can reach other third programs via the link “integrated partner program” on the side.

What advantages of page hiding on page hiding has many benefits for auto dealers. We’ve listed it below for auto traders.

  1. First, the Google search engine likes a clean and straightforward page. In this way, your indexing speed increases.
  2. Visitors to your site reach the pages they want faster. In this way, you can sell products more easily and quickly.
  3. The simple web page allows you to follow your customers more efficiently. You can see which page and which product you focus on more.

Guide How to Hide Page on a Website

  1. First, go to the site: Log in to our dealer panel page on with your username and password. If you forget your information, you can request the overlooked password part. Log in
  1. Select the page you want to hide: Select the page on our website that we want to hide, thanks to the site. Enter the “Product Pages” page on the left. You can hide the product you wish to here. We have to be very careful and sure when hiding the page. You may drop from Google searches if you hide the wrong page.
Product Pages
  1. Page Link: If you want to hide the page you want to hide or the product that has sold out, click the hide page link. Suppose you cannot find the hide page link on the page; press CTRL + S on the keyboard. You can find the link to hide the page more easily this way.

If your computer is not a laptop, you can easily access it on the Google Chrome browser.

Hiding a page on the website is that easy and simple. If you found the page you were looking for, hit the hide button. Save this change you made.

Finally, check if the page is hidden with this change you made. First, exit your panel and paste the hidden page link into the browser. If you cannot reach the page, you have been successful.

If you do not understand these processes or do not have much knowledge, another solution is to open support for the site or call by phone. You can see it in the picture we gave you below.

CALL SUPPORT: 1-888-895-2994 CALL SUPPORT Support Request Form

Guide to Hide Social Media Icons on Dealer.Com

Social Media Icon on Dealer.Com
Source: Dealer.Com

Our first piece of advice is not to hide social media icons. Today, sales are made through social media channels. Many companies give social media advertisements.

Social MEDIA Advertising

You can easily hide social media icons from the panel. If the social media icons are distracting you on the sales page you designed wrong, then you can hide them. You can attract many customers to the sales page using the social media advert alone. For more detailed information, you should contact customer service.


Q: Why should I use

Answer: First of all, is an easy platform. You can use the web page quickly and easily. You can easily analyze the customers coming to your page. You can rank higher on Google. Overall, is a popular platform for its support team and performance. You can choose without hesitation.

Q: What is

Answer: is a proven and multi-featured digital marketing tool. In short, a platform where you can sell used cars or buy new vehicles.

Q: What languages does support?

Answer: The best part is supports over 190 languages. This way, you can register in your official language. You can create support and requests in your language.

Q: What is the site used for?

Answer: is the auto industry’s new vehicle-selling and buying platform. You can only sell if you have more than one product or product. In short, jewelry, electronics, toys, clothes, etc. You can sell a lot of things.

Q: What is the membership cost of

Answer: The 1-year cost for membership registration is $1,999. You can sign up for a 2-year cost of $2,499.


How to hide page on a website is straightforward. You can easily conceal broken or finished product pages that disturb users. In this way, your website will have a simple and clean appearance.

How to hide a page on a Website? Our article above explains this question for you and easily. You can hide social media icons and some pages by following the steps above.

If you have difficulties following the steps we have explained above, contact us or contact FvpVPN will always find you help and solution in this regard. Please do not leave us deprived of your lovely comments. You can support us by sharing our articles on social media accounts.

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