How to Delete History From Netflix

Delete History From Netflix

There are many reasons to delete history from Netflix. It could have been that you watched a movie or TV show you didn’t like. Your account could have been used by someone else to view something that is influencing your recommendations. You may also have watched a movie or show years ago and no longer want it on your account.

You won’t get any title recommendations if you hide them from your viewing activity. They will also be removed from your Continue Watching row of Netflix. It can take up to 24 hours for hidden titles to be removed from your devices.

You must log in to the correct profile when you delete your Netflix history. Because the viewing history of each profile is linked to your Netflix account, this is important. This applies to all devices you use Netflix on, including iOS, Android, and smart TVs.

How to delete history from Netflix

delete history from Netflix

These are the steps to modify your browsing history on your Mac or PC.

  • Go to the Netflix Website
  • Log in to your account to choose the profile that you wish to edit
  • Choose the Account option
  • Open the Profile section and Parental Controls section
  • Under Viewing Activities, click “View”.
  • To hide a single episode from your viewing history, click the icon next to “Report a Problem”.
  • If you have hidden a single episode of a TV series, you can choose to hide the entire series. This option will be displayed in blue with the 24-hour notification.

This notification will let you know that Netflix recommendations will not be affected by the TV shows or movies you have hidden.

How to Delete Your Netflix History on Your iOS and Android Device

These steps will allow you to modify your viewing history on your Android or iOS device.

  • Start the Netflix app from your device
  • Choose the profile that you wish to edit
  • Tap the “More” tab at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the “Account” option, located below “App Settings”.
  • Click on the profile that you wish to edit
  • Select “View” to view the Activity
  • To hide a show/movie from your viewing history, click the icon next to “Report a Problem”.

These steps will take the movie or show off your profile across all devices. This process can take up to 24 hours. You will need to watch the program again on Netflix if you wish to add it to your viewing history. This means that the program is permanently deleted after you remove it from your viewing history. This is good news for those who value privacy.

Once you have removed one episode from your viewing history, you can hide an entire series of TV shows. It works exactly the same way as if you did it on your computer.

How to create a new Netflix profile

If you are fed up with the recommendations Netflix gives you, you can create a brand new profile. Editing your viewing history can help Netflix refresh its recommendations. However, creating a new profile will allow you to start from scratch. These are the steps to creating a brand new profile.

  • Click on “Manage Profiles”.
  • Select “Add Profile”
  • Give your new profile a name and decide if it will be a Kid profile.
  • To complete the initial setup, click “Done”.
  • Select the new profile you want to create a language.
  • Finally, choose the TV shows or movies that you enjoy to begin the Netflix recommendations

You can have no more than 5 profiles per Netflix account. You won’t be able to add another profile if you already have five profiles. This applies to both Kid’s profiles and standard profiles. This limit does not apply to any Netflix plan.

How to Influence Netflix recommendations

Netflix uses a variety of data points to make recommendations. These include your Netflix interactions, such as ratings and viewing history, length of time spent watching a movie or series on Netflix, and the device you are using.

There are several actions you can take on Netflix to influence the recommendations. You can rate everything on Netflix by giving it a thumbs-up or thumbs-down.

You can also edit your ratings by going to your profile settings or clicking “Rating” at top of your browsing history. This is a good option if you accidentally rate a program negatively when you really enjoyed it.

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