Best Password Manager for 2023

Best Password Manager

It is a good idea for everyone to have different passwords on all accounts, whether they are online, on social media, or on websites. It can be difficult to keep track of all these passwords, especially if they are strong. A password manager is a solution! A password manager allows you to create, store, and manage your passwords. You don’t have to remember all your passwords or create a variety of the same password (which can be very dangerous).

What did we look for when deciding on the best password manager?

Different password managers have different pros and cons. Some password managers may be more suitable than others depending on your specific needs. What is a password manager?

We have thoroughly reviewed all password managers and found them suitable for most people based on their ease of use, security level, and features. There are key differences among them. Pay attention to the features and requirements of the password manager that you are considering. We have also looked at:

  1. The security level
  2. Privacy policies of the company
  3. It is so easy to use the password manager
  4. The available options/functionalities
  5. The price of a password manager

We regularly review password managers and therefore, the top 5 password managers are subject to change. This article is regularly updated.

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The Best Password Manager for 2022

The Best Password Managers of 2023 – Quick Comparison and Features











Premium version priceStarting at $2,91 per monthStarting at $2,91 per monthStarting at $3,33 per monthStarting at $2,49 per monthStarting at $2,99 per month
Free version available
Zero-knowledge policy
Password generator
Autofill possible
Data breach notification
Password sharing possible
Secure file storage
Subscription for businesses available

The Best Password Manager of 2023 – Explanation

1. Keeper

Keeper Logo

It’s a solid password manager but you will have to pay more for some of its features.

  1. Secure options are available, particularly when multi-factor authentication is used.
  2. You will receive a 30-day trial of the premium version for free, which then automatically converts into a limited-time free subscription.
  3. Packages for families and businesses.
  4. Businesses might find it useful to use the secure chat feature.
  5. For many more options, you will need to pay more.
  6. It works with macOS, Windows, and Android. There are browser extensions for Chrome Firefox, Safari Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

Security is a key benefit of Keeper. Multi-factor authentication is a way to increase the security of your accounts. This is a great option for security-conscious users. You can also access KeeperChat. This secure chat app is particularly useful for businesses.

The keeper has a downside. You have to pay more for most features. You will need to pay more for features like synchronization between devices or secure storage. Keeper can be very intrusive in its advertising for these additional features.

Keeper final verdict: 8.3

Keeper Icon Keeper has many additional options that are highly desirable, especially for businesses. Keeper is able to compete with 1Password in the market for password managers for businesses.


2. RememBear

RememBear Logo

A very accessible password manager with a pleasant look and feel.

  1. Very unique and accessible design.
  2. Excellent free version.
  3. High level of security
  4. This password manager is one of the most expensive.
  5. It works with macOS, Windows, and iOS.

RememBear is an accessible password manager that has a beautiful design. RememBear was created by TunnelBear, which is a VPN provider. It also relies heavily upon its easy-to-use look and feel.

RememBear offers basic functionality. It is easy to store passwords and other information and create unique passwords. RememBear is also a leader in security, using 256-bit encryption at the end. RememBear doesn’t offer many extra features. A good password manager is available for a relatively high price, but it is still very accessible and focused on its design.

RememBear’s strength lies in its free version. Although the paid version is more costly and offers fewer functions than other password managers, the free version does a great job and has the same charm.

RememBear’s final verdict: 8.3

RememBear IconRememBear, a decent and straightforward password manager, does exactly what a password manager should. We are mostly happy with RememBear’s free version. There are better password managers available.


3. Dashlane

Dashlane Logo

Dashlane is a password manager that offers a free version as well as a built-in VPN.

  1. Dashlane is extremely easy to use and has strong encryption.
  2. The premium version of Dashlane can be used on unlimited devices
  3. Dashlane Premium has a built-in VPN.
  4. Dashlane is only available as a web application.
  5. Dashlane no longer supports updates to its desktop applications, but it is still available as a browser extension on Chrome, Firefox Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Many consider Dashlane a great password manager. Like 1Password or NordPass, Dashlane is easy to use and provides strong 256-bit encryption. Dashlane has a deal with certain websites that allows you to change passwords from within the Dashlane app. This does not work on all websites, and we are unsure about the security of this option.

Dashlane can now only be used as a web application, but it was recently removed from the store. The offline software is no longer supported. Dashlane is now faster, and Dashlane can check for automatic updates. This improves security. However, Dashlane is not available without an active internet connection.

Dashlane’s free plan can be used on only one device. You can store up to 50 passwords with this plan. You can use the premium subscription on as many devices as you wish and store unlimited passwords. The premium version of Dashlane also includes a VPN. This VPN is an excellent security tool that will help you protect your internet connection.

The final rating for Dashlane: 8.5

Dashlane IconDashlane, a password manager with a lot of features, is very similar to NordPass or 1Password. Dashlane is user-friendly, has great security options, and is affordable. However, it only works with a Web app and is not as cost-effective as other password managers.


4. NordPass

NordPass Logo

NordPass is a powerful password manager with a fantastic, free plan.

  1. Excellent level of encryption and security
  2. NordPass offers a free, great version that can be used only on one device.
  3. If you sign up for a longer term, the prices are very competitive.
  4. It works with macOS, iOS, Android as well as Linux. There are browser extensions for Chrome Firefox Safari Safari Opera, Vivaldi Edge, and Brave.

NordPass, a password manager developed by NordVPN (a well-known VPN provider), is NordPass. NordPass offers a free version and a premium plan. The free version can only be used on one device, while the paid version is able to be used on multiple devices simultaneously. You can also sync passwords between devices with the premium version. NordPass differs from 1Password in that it is more difficult to use if you need to save or update a password using the browser extension. This makes NordPass less appropriate for families and teams.

NordPass is very secure. NordPass has a zero-knowledge policy. Their 256-bit encryption makes them the most secure password managers. NordPass also had its password manager and itself investigated by an outside cybersecurity firm in 2020. NordPass was able to obtain positive results from this investigation.

NordPass’ premium version is quite inexpensive. A 2-year subscription costs $2.49 per month. You can return your money within 30 days of signing up for NordPass if you aren’t satisfied with the service.

NordPass final rating 8.7

NordPass IconNordPass, a flexible password manager, offers many additional security options. NordPass is also affordable, simple to use, and accessible to all users. If you’ve never used a password manager before, the NordPass free version is a great place for you to begin.


5. 1Password

1Password Logo

It is the best password manager for both individuals and businesses. It is also very affordable.

  1. Easy-to-use and user-friendly software.
  2. Ideal for both families and businesses.
  3. Excellent security with many additional security options.
  4. Securely stores files.
  5. You can get a free trial without having to pay anything.
  6. It works with macOS, iOS, and Windows as well as Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. There are browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox Safari, Safari, Edge, and Brave.

1Password is a well-known password manager. 1Password provides users with a high level of security and safety. 1Password supports two-factor authentication. On some devices, 1Password can be unlocked with your fingerprint. 1Password has 256-bit encryption.

1Password’s Watchtower feature adds an additional layer of security. This feature monitors which websites have been affected by security breaches. 1Password will alert you if this happens and ask you if you would like to change your password. 1Password is also available for free. To create a free account, you don’t need to pay anything. You can also log in after the trial ends to change your passwords.

1Password is a great choice for teams. You can manage multiple password vaults, and you can choose to share vaults or not with other 1Password users. This allows families or organizations to manage shared accounts easily. Each user has their own vault, which isn’t shared with anyone else. It is one of the most effective cybersecurity tools available.

The final rating for 1Password: 9.3

1Password icon1Password is an easy-to-use password manager. It is especially nice to be able to manage multiple password vaults. 1Password is also very affordable. Although there are many cheaper password managers, 1Password is the best for its security and usability.


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